Spillman Overview

Descendents of the Germana Colony, VA » KY » MO » CO

My earliest confirmed Spillman ancestor is Charles Wesley Spillman of Culpeper County, Virginia. A farmer and stonemason, Charles moved his family to Kentucky (or started it there) some time before 1850. From there they eventually moved to the heart of Missouri, where the clan set down deep roots. My branch migrated from there to Colorado, leaving relatives in and around the Denver areas of both states.

Charles W. is commonly presented as a son of Henry Spillman and Ann Tapp of Virginia, but I have not yet seen any direct evidence of this connection. As such, I have not officially claimed it yet, and am still seeking documentation. While the Spilman Papers do not address this direct question, they do seem to make it likely that these Spillmans are the German line, not the English.

My Spillman research has been greatly aided by assistance from cousins like Ben Glick, Mary Ray, Shirley Edgerton, and Bob Bixby, many of whom are also related to me through our Stubbart connections. I am deeply grateful to them for their assistance and information, as well as their friendship.

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