This website is still in the experimental stages, so please use it gently and judiciously. Launching it in this state is not unlike auditioning for the eighth grade talent show with your recently perfected water balloon juggling act -- very exciting, and potentially very embarrassing.

What you see here has been years in the making, but there is still so much to do. As of this writing (January 2008) I have well over 200 discrete documents -- census schedules, vital records, letters, photos, newspaper articles, and more -- all neatly arranged in file folders awaiting my attention and analysis. I fancy I can feel them staring balefully at me from my desktop even as I type this. Knowing that many of the errors and omissions you will find in these pages would be corrected by some of the information lurking in these unprocessed reams of evidence makes it tempting to postpone this website launch yet again, until everything is "finished" and "right." Of course, genealogists rarely reach that exalted state of affairs, and so, like many of my far more illustrious predecessors, I will allow what currently exists out into the world, with the devout hope that what little damage those errors may cause will be both slight and easily remedied.

Posting this information is an act of both help and hope; that is, I genuinely want to help others researching the same lines, and hope that everyone will choose to take this information with a grain of salt, for the unpolished work-in-progress that it is.

I have elected to divide this site into sections for each of my major ancestral lines. Living relatives are suppressed for the most part; where their names are required to provide context, they exist only as "dead ends" that do not link to any additional details about their lives. I have much of the missing information in my files, but not all, and at least some of what I "know" about these cousins is bound to be inaccurate. (It's always humbling to realize how little we know about the collateral relatives we grew up around.)

Corrections, questions, and inquiries are welcome.