William Harvey Spillman1,2

(30 January 1857 - 12 December 1932)
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     William Harvey Spillman was born on 30 Jan 1857 in Gentry County, Missouri. His place of birth was reported as "near McFall" in his obituary and as the town of New Hampton (which, in fairness, could be considered "near" McFall) on his death certificate. The McFall location seems most likely, as this is also given has the place of death for his mother Harriet in 1859.3,4,5 He was just two years old when his mother Harriett Rowlett died. Harriet's newborn daughter died at or about the same time, leaving William Harvey Spillman as her youngest surviving child.6,7,8 His father remarried a year later, however, and over the years William Harvey's step-mother provided a bevy of younger siblings to round out the family. Indeed, it seems that his second mother was pregnant virtually the entire time that little Harvey/Harry--both names appear in various records--was growing up. Being the middle of nineteen children (fourteen surviving), he must have led a lively home life on the Missouri farm, but little is known of his childhood. He married Sarah Ellen Wilson on 5 Dec 1878 in Harrison County, Missouri.9,10,3,11,4 Their daughters Alma, Cora, Matilda, Edna, and Fannie were born here (or possibly at the later farm in Harrison County) over the span of the next eight years. William was widowed by Sarah's death in 1888 . He never remarried.12 16-year-old Matilda died three weeks later (cause unknown -- the death records for Harrison County in 1900 are unfortunately unavailable), leaving Harvey and her sisters Alma (18), Cora (17), Edna (14), and Fannie (12).3,13 He lived in New Hampton, Missouri, in 1915 where he evidently purchased a small hotel from Reuben and Martha Foltz, though whether or not it operated as a hotel while he lived there is unknown.14,15 He was a member of the New Harmony Baptist Church in Martinsville.3 In 1928, Harvey ran as the Democratic candidate for Probate Judge and was elected.3 The newly elected Judge Spillman assumed office in Grant City, Missouri on 1 Jan 1929. Within just a year or two of taking office his health began to fail -- his death certificate cites high blood pressure -- and the judge frequently found himself unable to work. His nephew William P. Spillman assisted him initially, until he himself took ill. After that point, Judge Spillman's son Wesley conducted much of the business of the office, presumably under his father's direction.3,4 In the summer of 1932 the judge's health declined rapidly, and he moved in with his son William Harvey Spillman. He spent his remaining months in his son's home, apparently directing the business of office and still attending whenever his condition permitted.3 William Harvey died at his son's home in Grant City, Worth County, Missouri, on 12 Dec 1932 at 75 years, 10 months and 12 days of age.3,16,4 He was buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri.17,2

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Children of William Harvey Spillman and Sarah Ellen Wilson


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